The 2016 Club exhibition will be held over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend (11-13th June).

This is the Latest Roster (V4) for your assigned times and tasks.


  1. There have been a few last minute changes and some filling in of positions caused by cancellations. Please recheck your assignments.
  2. There may be possibly more assigned on Club Exhibits than is workable. Actual operators will be determined on each day by Stuart (Victoria’s Bridge) and by Bob (B&O).
  3. If you are committed to a layout or stand, please ensure the layout coordinator is aware of the times you have indicated your volunteer times to man a Info Stand’ / ‘Door Entry’ / ‘Public Canteen’. Every club member attending the exhibition is expected to commit to at least 2 hours over the weekend for one of the 3 activities indicated.

Thank you for being actively engaged with the club and helping at our major fund raising activity of the year.