Waverley Model Railway Club

The details on this page is for your use only as a Waverley Model Railway Club Member.

You can only use it for the purpose of Club Business. You are not permitted to copy, distribute, or share these details with anyone who is not a member. To do so may breach the PRIVACY LAWS in Victoria. The fine can be up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS – which if we incur, would simply destroy the Club. So, don’t share the information. LEGEND: Keys C#=Carlton Rd, E#=Electra Av

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How to UPDATE YOUR DETAILS: Remember, you can always update any of your details and photo when you Login to your online account at waverleymrc.org.au and select Update My Profile from the top menu. Or, if you do not have online access, you can always ask the Committee Members or the WebMaster to update your details for you.