There is a process to follow for Membership.

  1. Arrange a visit to the club
  2. Over a 3 month probationary period, take the opportunity to attend club nights, meet other members, run trains and see for yourself that this is a club for you. While the club provides plenty, you will need to also consider what you could do for the club. Skills can always be learnt or taught. Participation and ‘can do’ attitude are key.
  3. Make a commitment. Complete the form below or update your existing account.
  4. Once your Membership is approved by the Committee, you will need to pay:
    • an initial $45 to receive a Club Shirt, Club Badge, etc.
    • the Annual Fee, $80
  5. Once paid, your status will be upgraded to Member and DCC loco IDs assigned.
  6. Enjoy your Club.

Therefore, if you are intending to fulfill the Membership Requirements above and wish to setup an account in preparation, you can complete the form below. The form will create an account on our mailing system and provide the Committee the prerequisite information required for consideration.

If you are not sure, or not yet considering Membership, Register as a Friend of WMRC and then update your account details later if you desire to apply for Membership.

  • Account

  • Minimum length of 8 characters
  • Format DD/MM/YYYY
    Australian, USA, British, European, Japanese
    G 45mm, L Lego 1:38 38mm, O UK Fr 1:43.5 32mm, O De Ja Ru Cz 1:5 32mm, O US 1:48 32mm, On2 1:48 12.7mm, On30 1:48 16.5mm, On3 1:48 19mm, OO 1:76.2 16.5mm, HO 1:87 16.5mm, HOn3 1:87 10.5mm, TT 1:120 12mm, N 1:160 9mm, Z 1:220 6.5mm, T 1:450 3mm, T 1:480 3mm
    Carpentry, Metalwork, Electronics, DCC, Layout Design, Administration, Other (Use Notes)
    Layout Design, Module Construction, Laying Track, Electronics and Wiring, Scenery, Build Structures, Build Rolling Stock, DCC Configuration, Running Trains, Other (use Notes)
  • Upload Your GRAVATAR is automatically associated with your email. If you do not have a GRAVATAR (or don't know what that is) then please add a picture of your FACE to help other members, especially new ones, to recognise you. Don't be shy, it is a benefit to you and the Club.
  • By submitting this form, I consent to the Waverley Model Railway Club to access the above confidential information, as it considers necessary to regulate and maintain its records/business of the Club/management role(s) including but not limited to data processing, organisational structure and planning/financial management, event(s) notifications and general communication.
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