Note: It is very important that you tick the correct Categories below. This determines where this post will be displayed on the website and to whom the notification will be sent to.

  1. You must choose Member Notifications (high level Category), to send a broadcast message to just Members. Choose Friends of WMRC (high level Category) to send to those who are not members. Choose both if the notification is okay to send to both groups (e.g. Exhibition announcements)
  2. Then you can choose any of the other High level Categories to describe what this notification is for e.g. for Exhibitions – WMRC for our exhibitions or Exhibitions – Other for other club exhibitions.
    Note: Any Category indented belongs to the High Level Category above it, and both must be selected e.g. Minutes (indented) belongs to Member Notifications (High level Category above it) and therefore both boxes must be ticked when sending Minutes.
  3. If you desire to use an image already on the website, then do not click on the Upload Feature Image below. Instead, after you press the blue Create Notification go to the Communications menu and EDIT the notification and add the Featured Image from there.

[fep form_name=”create-broadcast-notification”]