• Station

    Station [HO]


  • Stuart Town

    Non-stop past town

  • Diesel passing Station

    (good scenery transition)

  • First Run on Outer East

  • Inner West Run

    (adding more scenery)

  • Flour Mills

  • Passing through town

  • Station

    (Ballast to be laid)

  • Steel Bridge

  • Industry

  • Construction

  • Construction

Club Layout: HO Scale

About the project & team

The Club’s HO Scale layout is completed and operational. Additional scenery and scenes can always be added to enhance the ‘story’.

It is a two tiered layout connected via a helix.

To watch several trains run on the mainline while others shunting in different areas is always fascinating and definitely keeps many members busy during running sessions. The size and scope of running your train on this vast layout is most enjoyable.

The whole layout is DCC operated with the Digitrax system.

Running trains with cameras give hours of scenic footage. Taking photos of your train passing through the enormous array of country, industry, stations, sidings, over bridges and entering or exiting tunnels will fill several albums.

Build Status

Estimation only

Module Construction 100%
Track Laying 100%
Track Wiring 99%
Scenery 90%
Lighting 100%