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Learn from seasoned Modellers. Help build Club Layouts or Exhibition Layouts and hone your skills for your own layout.

Pick up tips and helpful hints. Teach others your skills. Working together is lots of fun.

We use a mixture of DC and Digitrax DCC on the layouts. We will help get you familiar with running your trains on the layouts.

Being a member gives you access to the Club Layouts, Running Days, club expertise, the Club Library and a whole lot more…

Join a team for constructing Exhibition Layouts. Forge friendships that last a lifetime. Helping one another lift our level of skills.

Fast communications to all members is via email. And for those without email, the Club meets regularly and members are updated with the latest club plans and activities.

Building or running a Model Railway has a wide range of areas to keep anyone occupied for years. You can get involved in woodworking to build club or exhibition modules, laying track, wiring tracks, lighting, electronics, DCC, computer systems, sound systems in locomotives, construction of Scenery, Bridges, Roads, Buildings, weathering, and even run trains… the list is never exhausted… and that is why Model Railways are fun!

Since 1970, the Club continues to have a lot of different aspects to engage your interests, skills and passion.

We are located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Current Activity

Here are just a few areas of current activity

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SDS Models will be attending our exhibition this year.

They are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of high quality r-t-r HO scale models of Victorian and NSW rolling stock. Some recent releases by SDS Models are Victorian and NSW container wagons, flour wagons, cement wagons, cattle trucks and short wheelbase four wheel louvre vans. We expect new releases in time for our exhibition. UPDATE: The NEW VR outside sill GY grain wagons will be for sale at the Exhibition!



Current Builds

Club Layout - N Scale 65%
Club Layout - HO/OO Scale 95%
Exhibition Granger’s Bridge (N Scale) 95%
Exhibition Whitefish (HO Scale) 75%
Exhibition Chadderton (OO Scale) 85%
Latest Exhibition News
People saying...
  • I really enjoy running my loooong trains on the N scale Club layout. I just makes my day!

    Richard Black
  • At my first visit to the club I was warmly welcomed. A great experience. Worth every moment.

    Peter Coburn
    Peter Coburn
  • Placing that finishing touch to a scene on an exhibition layout is one of the best feelings.

    Stefan Sweet
  • Having a great time working and running trains on the club N scale layout 🙂

Still running strong after
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