Club Operation

The club layouts operate using DCC and do not support DC operation

Our club utilises the Digitrax LocoNet system and supports both tethered and wireless Digitrax Throttles as well as operation via mobile phones. Please visit for more information.

Invited guests and prospective members can borrow controllers while they are at the Club Room

We have a separate programming track independent of the main layouts that can be used to program locomotive addresses. Programming on the club layouts is prohibited.

Members are encouraged to become involved in the construction, maintenance and operation of the Club’s exhibition layouts.

Dandenong North Club Room Running Sessions

Just off the Monash Freeway in Melbourne’s South East

Our club room in Dandenong North houses large independent multi level N Scale and HO/OO Scale layouts.

Monday evening | specialised train running

Tuesday afternoon and evening |  train running

Wednesday morning | club room layout maintenance

Wednesday afternoon | train running

Thursday evening | casual meeting and train running

Friday evening | specialised train running (selected evenings)

All attendees must follow the direction of Club Members at all times and are responsible for the operation of their locomotives

Ashwood North Club Room

Just off Huntingdale Road

Our club room in Ashwood houses our exhibition layouts and is where we undertake the construction and maintenance of our exhibition layouts.